AMC is the world leader in high quality stainless steel cooking systems for healthy and tasty eating.
AMC revolutionised cooking in 1963 with its gentle method of cooking without additional water and frying and roasting without additional fat and since then has been the pioneer and trend-setter in the field of healthy and tasty cooking.

The AMC methods of cooking without additional water and frying without additional fat guarantees the gentle treatment of food and the maximum retention of its nutritional elements from preparation through cooking to storage.

The launch of the AMC Premium System in 2010 means AMC has set the standards for the future. Never before has healthy and tasty cooking been so ingeniously simple, fast and sure to succeed as with this revolutionary cooking system with fully automatic cooking and a 3-fold guarantee of success.


History of AMC

1963 - 1963
American Metalcraft Corporation is founded on 1.6.1963 in Bingen. Founding of AMC Switzerland and AMC International.

The company is re-christened and is still called Alfa Metalcraft Corporation.

The Italian government awards AMC the Italian Oscar for industry. This highly prized award is a remarkable honour. And there is a revolutionary new cookware unit: the oval roaster.

Founding of the Alfa Institute, known now as the AMC Institute.

A sensational development from the Alfa Institute is introduced: the Visiotherm, a world first, a temperature indicator integrated into the lid knob.
Bon Appétit, the world's best selling cookery book appears in a new layout with more comprehensive recipes.

Founding of ISFE, the International Foundation for the Promotion of Nutrition Research and Nutrition Education.

Founding of Ganymedes Press, now the AMC Press and the first issue of the food magazine, Leichte Küche.

Another world first is introduced: the energy saving Akkutherm capsule base.

Introduction of two world firsts:
– the Secuquick, an intelligent kitchen technology revolution that turns a normal cookware unit into a rapid cooking unit.
– The AMC Automatic cooking surface, the ideal cooking and working surface for AMC customers.

AMC's innovative power has created two more world firsts:
– the AMC Audiotherm, a signalling device that is the ideal complement to the
AMC Visiotherm– the AMC Atmosfera, a mobile ceramic surface that can be used upside down on an AMC cookware unit.

Founding of the AMC Academy for Nutrition Communication in Germany.

AMC expands its product range with a unique concept: customers and other interested parties can try the AMC cooking method at AMC Inform cookery meetings..

The dream of automatic cooking and baking comes true: introduction of the AMC Atmosfera 3000.

The new and still current generation of the AMC Multicooking System, Classic-Starline, is introduced all over the world.

Another new development by AMC's researchers: the Atmosfera 4000. A miracle of modern kitchen technology, a universal genie in every household.

Market introduction of the AMC Secuquick Softline. The consistent development of the legendary Secuquick means that now, even rapid cooking can be healthy.

Implementation of the new brand image.

2010 - the quantum leap
Launched of its revolutionary AMC Premium System - the only system in the world in which you can cook, fry, rapid cook, rapid fry, brown, combine and serve without additional water or fat. The AMC Premium System is suitable for all types of cookers – from gas to induction.


For further information on the background of AMC the company, check out this link  http://www.amc.info

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