What is the AMC Premium System's 3-fold guarantee of success?

It is the interplay between the Akkuterm, Sensotherm and Visiotherm that guarantees success in every meal, combining the Navigenio and Audiotherm on autopilot.

Guarantee of success #1
Even faster absorption and distribution of the heat by the new Akkutherm capsule base.

Guarantee of success #2
Fast, high-precision measurement of the temperature inside the unit by the new Sensotherm.
Guarantee of success #3
Reliable monitoring of the cooking processes by the new Visiotherm and its new self-explanatory display.


The new AMC Akkutherm
The new Akkutherm capsule base guarantees even faster absorption and distribution of the heat and optimum stability. The highest possible quality with today’s technology.

The new AMC Sensotherm

The fast and high-precision measurement of the temperature inside the unit by the new Sensotherm and the equally rapid and precise display on the new Visiotherm allow heating up at the highest heat.

The new AMC Audiotherm

High-tech designer item with integral radio module. In combination with the new Visiotherm and Visiotherm S, it monitors the whole cooking process. In radio contact with the Navigenio, it provides fully automatic cooking with a guarantee of success.


The new AMC Visiotherm

It displays the temperature that the Sensotherm has measured inside the unit just as rapidly and precisely. Now with separate displays for meat and vegetables. The cooking process can be monitored even more easily, faster and more reliably.


AMC Navigenio. Your autopilot in the kitchen.

The AMC Navigenio is a breakthrough in modern kitchen technology, and the crown jewel in the AMC Premium System.  This high-tech hotplate with bluetooth system controls the whole cooking process in radio wave contact with the Audiotherm to fully cook your meal on autopilot!



Use it as a conventional mobile hotplate - for full-on cooking, grilling and keeping your food warm.

Or turn it upside down on top of a cooking pot and use it for baking, browning, grilling and crispy frying.  This is excellent for grilling or roasting meat without any additional oil.  No mess.  Super easy cleaning.  Who needs an oven?

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